Creating apps and functionalities to thrust your business into the future

Making your networks and servers into a digital fortress will protect your bottom line and give customers peace of mind. Cybersecurity needs to be an integral part of how your computers function, rather than an add-on.

Secure your data and systems with a purpose-built system from Trusted Chain. We make an assessment of your current security and will create a cybersecurity system that will protect you into the future as you work through your digital transformation and head towards industry 4.0.
Our process is designed to give you the right solution for your needs:
  1.   Assessment of your systems and vulnerabilities.
  2.  Penetration testing to identify the pinch points and weak spots in your system.
  3.  Report on the strengths and weaknesses in your system.
  4.  Design a cybersecurity software setup that will resolve your issues.
  5.  Implement the proposed system including training your IT team.
  6.  Develop long-term policies to ensure continuous protection from online attack.
  7.  Continuous monitoring and maintenance to protect against evolving threats.

Encompassing a governance, risk management, and compliance procedure that will be embedded in the whole process and be outlined in documentation to ensure business continuity.

We offer your company a range of options to protect your information. The power of immutability within a blockchain system offers data security, with a distributed ledger than is all but unalterable. Take your cybersecurity into the future and harness the power of blockchain in your digital fortress.

Cybersecurity for eCommerce

Online marketplaces are fast developing, with the option of your own digital shop a simple solution to drive profits for your company. Keeping your website secure when processing your customer data is paramount.

Bringing in a blockchain cybersecurity system will give you not only a perfect record of your purchase history, but a secure way to store the private information your customers provide. Your users will have complete confidence in ordering and paying on your website when they trust your cybersecurity systems.

Trusted Chain will work with you to protect:
Details of your stock and inventory
The setup and layout of your site
Customer payment details
Historical transaction records

So information is secure and hackers can’t disrupt your business processes. Keep your eCommerce business safe and your customers happy with advanced cybersecurity systems.

Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Hospitals and clinics know some of the most personal information about us. Holding that information in an easily accessible yet secure way is essential for both healthcare professionals and their patients.

Storing medical records securely is imperative for patient confidentiality, getting the right care outcomes, and having accurate records for insurance claims. In a fast-paced environment of a hospital, knowing that your data will always be secure is paramount.

The transfer of patient records across hospitals, and across international borders, needs to be completed with security as a primary concern. At Trusted Chain we will:

Create a secure space for medical records to be held online.
Implement cloud-based solutions to give protected, multi-site access.
Provide high-level encryption services when records are transferred out of your facility.
Have a system to check all incoming information is free from viruses and other threats. Giving you and your users confidence in your cybersecurity and allowing you to focus on healthcare.

Cybersecurity for Banking

Customers want access to the full suite of banking services constantly. With the move away from physical branches and the embracing on online and app-based banking, there’s no better time to build your cybersecurity ready for the future of finance.

Banking security needs to be cast iron, with digital vaults far more secure than any underground safe could ever be. Trusted Chain will design and develop a fortified system to protect your bank’s interests. Build your reputation as a safe place to keep money by having the most advanced cybersecurity in the industry.

Working with Trusted Chain, you will get:

Comprehensive testing of your current processes
An industry leading, blockchain-based, banking security system
Individualized development of solutions dependant on your needs
A long-term partnership with regularly updated databases of threats and upgrades

Manage your risks, implement data security governance, and ensure regulatory compliance through your forward-thinking cybersecurity system.