Creating apps and functionalities to thrust your business into the future

Dealing with money has moved beyond paper. Purchase orders, invoices, and cheques are becoming obsolete and your company needs to keep up with market changes.

Whichever market you operate in, cash and payment handling are key to bringing in your bottom line. Fintech solutions will enable your company to stay nimble and work at the cutting edge of your sector.
Take your company to the forefront of your sector by introducing advanced, future-proofed fintech solutions. Industry 4.0 demands businesses move fast, including reconciling accounts and settling invoices – Trusted Chain will develop the solutions for your company and build a relationship to maintain their security into the future.

Fintech for Industry

Digital business has transformed the landscape of industry. 3D printing for prototypes, Internet of Things connecting factories, and big data producing clear insight into pain points. Fintech is the next frontier of changing your business for the better.

You can have systems that:
Pay out invoices on demand using secure verification
Distribute salaries internationally cost-effectively
Deliver account reports to monitor and predict financial trends

Fintech for Customers

Selling your goods and services locally or globally requires online payment processing. The standard and staid solutions aren’t fit for agile businesses that need to realise cashflow and keep the business liquid. Solutions for payment handling will add value to your customer proposition and delight them with every order.

Trusted Chain will build fintech solutions that will:
Build customer loyalty with an easy and convenient interface
Allow you to settle international payments swiftly
Give you accounting insights to drive your business forward

Fintech for Industry 4.0

Bringing your business into the modern age will drive growth in your bottom line and open your business to new customers.

Moving money at pace and with perfect accuracy will maximise profits. Your accounting processes will become a source of data, allowing you to predict future revenue streams.

Fintech for the Financial Sector

Businesses that operate in money markets, such as:

Smart Wallets
Remittance services
Payment solutions
Clearing services
Currency exchange

All have the opportunity to embrace fintech and become more successful than their rivals.

Fintech solutions can reconcile accounts quicker and give you access to international markets faster than ever. Moving your financial services business online will present added value to your customers.
Creating apps to improve accessibility, harnessing industry-leading APIs, and moving on to distributed ledger and block chain technology will set you apart from your competition.
The data streams that will be produced can be used to produce reports for analysis. Your will be able to access:
Descriptive analysis to understand where the business has weaknesses and opportunities
Prescriptive analysis giving you valuable information about where to make improvements
Predictive analysis to show you where to direct development and marketing
The Future of Fintech
Stride into the future of money with fintech solutions for your industrial, retail, or financial business. Whichever market you operate in, quick payments and borderless access to cash will set you apart from other companies in your sphere. When it’s easy to do business with you, people will return to work with you more often.